Why Buy from Us

  • Asus Showroom Chennai is the online retailing division.
  • We are an authorized partner to retail asus products in India.
  • We also sells warranty extensions packs ,genuine accessories and spares for asus products.
  • Asus Showroom Chennai is the first online retail store in Chennai exclusive for complete range of asus products.
  • Asus Showroom Chennai  offers pre sales and post sales consultation and support for asus products.
  • Asus Showroom Chennai sells only genuine asus products.
  •  By pre-ordering items online, your goodies will be shipped to you as soon as available.

Why Buy the ASUS BRAND

The ASUS Brand

ASUS, a technology-oriented company blessed with one of the world’s top R&D teams, is well known for high-quality and innovative technology. As a leading provider of 3C (computers, communications and consumer electronics) total solutions, ASUS offers a complete product portfolio to compete in the new millennium.

Reasons to buy an ASUS Notebook / Laptop

  • Value: ASUS Notebook / Laptops have the perfect balance of quality   specifications at excellent prices.
  • Warranty: Every ASUS Notebook / Laptop comes with a full on-site ‘collect    and return’ warranty with option for up to 3 years warranty.
  • Processor: Asus laptops are available with both AMD and Intel processors.
  • Battery Life: Certain models have up to 7.9 hours battery life.
  • Licensed: Asus laptop comes with an genuine official Microsoft Windows licence(* on select models)  fully installed.
  • Quality: All Asus notebooks are individually tested before shipment.
  • Confidence: Asus is the No.1 Desktop Motherboard manufacturer in the world for one reason – Quality
  • Experience: Asus is one of the top three notebook computer manufacturer in the world
  • Durability: Some ASUS Notebooks are built upon Carbon Fiber Alloy, which is 120% stronger than conventional materials.
  • Style: Asus Notebooks features distinctive premium styling and materials that exudes quality and elegance
  • Innovation: ASUS are consistently first to market with the latest technologies.
  • Growth: ASUS are the fastest growing and one of the largest notebook manufacturer in the world, manufacturing notebooks for both themselves and other multinational companies such as Apple and Sony.
  • Brand: ASUS are a leading manufacturer; currently 1 in 3 desktop computers shipped world wide use an ASUS motherboard.